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How to Play Pokies on Tablets

Internet pokies are an ideal game for bettors who want to play on-the-go. Mobile casino gambling is the fastest-growing segment of the online gambling business, including games of chance and skill aimed at smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets.

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Tablet computers are a sort of hybrid or go-between utilizing features of a laptop or desktop computer as well as the portability of a smaller handheld gadget. These devices, available from a variety of manufacturers using different operating systems and software, are like an even lighter and more portable version of a laptop. That means these devices are capable of better performance and a larger display than a mobile but are still small enough to use in transit, in waiting rooms, or even surreptitiously at work.

Betting Online with a Tablet

Mobile betting was the obvious next step in Internet casino design as smartphones and other mobile devices became more and more popular. Just like online betting venues designed titles for mobile phone users (and various mobile devices), gambling-related businesses are now open to a large portion of the tablet market. A customer’s ability to use their tablet for real-money wagering on pokies or other casino games depends partially on the software the device uses, partially on the manufacturer of the device, and also on the legality of Internet wagering in their part of the world.

At present, the most popular tablet computers in use run on Apple’s iOS or some version of Android OS. Other platforms exist, but these two dominate the market by a big margin.

Online Poker Machine Games for iPad

A Tablet Computer

A Tablet Computer

Depending on where an online gaming customer lives in the world, she may or may not be able to use her iPad to place real cash wagers on casino games. Apple, Inc. has strict policies about products available for download in their App Store allowing real-money betting – not only are few jurisdictions allowed to offer App Store real-money applications, few developers are interested in working on products for such a small portion of the tablet market.

Gambling venues known as “mobile sites” are the easiest way for iPad owners to place legal poker machine wagers. Assuming first that placing these types of bets are legal where a customer lives (laws vary widely from country to country), all an iPad user would need to do to bet cash on pokies online is find a mobile betting site they enjoy that also caters to iPad users. These customers have fewer choices than Android OS tablet owners, but they do still have some options available.

That makes the biggest downside to gambling online with an iPad a smaller selection of venues that accept cash bets. Of course, if a customer just wants to play for free, endless applications that don’t allow actual cash bets exist for the iPad. A quick search of the Apple App Store revealed dozens with solid reviews. There is another possible annoyance in terms of playing through traditional mobile gambling sites on an iPad – the difference in screen size and resolution. Not all mobile sites have been optimized for the iPad, so the player interface may appear skewed or illegible.

All those things aside, iPads are industry-leading pieces of computing equipment, very useful gadgets for fans of Apple products who want a lot of functionality as well as portability. They just aren’t the best tablet computers to use for online bets.

Online Poker Machine Games for an Android Tablet

The benefit to using a tablet computer powered by Android OS is that Android doesn’t restrict software, downloads, or access to online animations that give customers access to Internet poker machine betting. Fan opinions aside, from a poker machine player’s perspective, Android-based tablet devices are superior.

For example, provided online gambling is legal in a customer’s jurisdiction, they no doubt have access to plenty of different downloadable tablet gambling programs – there’s nothing in Android’s restrictions on applications that forbids placing real money bets. That means Android tablet users have access to a wider variety of poker machine and online casino games, don’t have to depend on inferior mobile betting sites, and still enjoy the convenience and high functionality of a quality tech gadget that’s also very portable.

Since Android device owners have more options in terms of where to play the pokies, they can choose from a wider variety of game titles, game styles, designers, options, and other features. An iPad user may have to settle for a choice of one out of a half-dozen pokies sites, while Android fans have tenfold that much choice.

Android-based tablets aren’t generally as well-reviewed as Apple’s highly-successful iPad series, which gives this version of playing pokies online a slight downside, but some Android gadget performs better than others. If a bettor’s goal is to get the most access to the best Internet poker machines, they could choose an Android-based tablet computer rather than an iPad, even if the iPad has a slightly better reputation.

There’s little doubt that smartphone, tablet, and other mobile gambling will continue to occupy a larger share of the overall online gaming market. One study conducted by Juniper Research found that wagers placed through mobile sites, on tablets or other gadgets, could reach a total of $62 billion worldwide in the next five years. That amount of expenditure is six times more than was wagered through mobile betting, smartphone casinos, and tablet gambling in 2013. Tablet owners that enjoy pokies should expect even more attention paid to their desires in terms of game design and customer service, since their market share is growing faster than ever. Whether you’re an iPhone fan or use an Android-powered gadget, tablet gambling is a growing industry that should only continue its current expansion.

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