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How To Play Keno Online

how to play keno onlineKeno has had huge success in pubs, sports bars, and casinos, so it makes sense that online Keno has enjoyed just as much fame. This mix of both bingo and lotto is a game of luck that relies on matching your selected numbers with those randomly selected.

Keno can provide either a relaxed or thrilling game depending on how you choose to play.

Things you should know about playing keno

Keno is a popular pastime at both land-based and online gaming arenas. Originating in China, it has evolved into a thrilling game where punters can bet high or low and try to match the winning numbers.

For the small wager you can make, there’s the potential to win big with online Keno. When you play for real money online a simple outlay of $1 can get you a massive $1million win. These types of odds are just some of the reasons why this numbers game has been such a huge success.

If you don’t have any lucky numbers in mind, there are websites dedicated to showing the most picked Keno numbers. (For those who believe that this type of gambling has a bit of skill behind it.) Or, you could let the game choose them at random for you with an auto-pick feature.

If you like your gambling action fast, playing Keno online has an added advantage over playing in pubs and RSLs. You can go through the games as fast as you like, without waiting for the next round to start. This suits those who like their games a little more fast paced than the usual Keno can provide.

Keno rules

Standard Keno board numbered 1 to 80.

Standard Keno board numbered 1 to 80.

Keno is a simple game to play and can be mastered by even the most amateur gambler. Most online Keno boards work with numbers 1 to 80, and players have the option to select up to 20 numbers, sometimes more or less depending on the casino.

The aim of the game is to match your chosen 20 numbers with the numbers chosen by the game. Every round, a random number generator will select 20 numbers and display them one at a time on the screen. You check off these numbers on your own card, and if you match enough you’ll win.

The standard rules are the same at every online casino, but some online Keno games have advanced options: multipliers, bonus rounds, or heads and tails options.

Tips for winning at Keno online

As with any random number game or gambling experience, luck is your only hope. Try to select a smaller amount of numbers that will get you a decent size cash prize.

There are websites dedicated to Keno strategy and the science behind the winning numbers. Although these websites don’t actually guarantee a win, it does provide a bit of fun when you’re choosing your numbers.

Although you can win a million from just $1, the odds of this are generally harder than winning the lotto. To match 14 from 14 numbers, for example, your odds of winning are 1 in 390 million. This makes a win this size less likely than winning the Powerball.

How to play Keno online

Although not available at every online casino, Keno is available at most of the larger sites. Guts Casino and Jackpot City are two popular online casinos that we recommend for Keno play.

Within each site, there are also different providers of Keno. Casino software giants including Micrograming and NetEnt are just two of the creators of unique online Keno games that can be found on these sites.

Online casinos offer better payouts than land-based ones due to lower overhead, so playing online Keno at one of these sites pays out better than having a game at your local sports bar. Here are some of the recommended sites where you can play online Keno:


Real Money Pokies only recommends the safest and fairest online casinos for your enjoyment, and all our listed sites offer a minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption. This ensures your personal and banking details are kept safe at all times to prevent internet fraud. We thoroughly vet all our preferred casinos to ensure we only recommend the best to our readers.

Keno gameplay – Not simply just a numbers game

Some versions of online Keno also feature enticing bonus rounds and progressive jackpots that build with each wager. This adds a little more excitement to the already suspenseful game of Keno.

You have the option to select your own numbers or allow the game to perform an auto-pick. On a standard Keno game, winning 4/4 numbers you’ve selected on a $1 bet can get you over $150. For such a small bet, this is a great way to add some serious bank to your casino account.

How do I play Keno for real money?

Each of our recommended casinos has the option to play Keno for real money. When you deposit funds as a new customer you’re also able to collect one of the many deposit bonus promotions currently running at these sites.

When playing Keno for real money you have great flexibility with the amounts you wager, so it suits all types of budgets.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a change of pace from pokies, online Keno provides an entertaining and rewarding alternative. With the option to bet high or low and time your games as you wish, you can fully customise your gaming experience.

With the chance of huge payouts in the millions of dollars, Keno offers just as much as pokies can in terms of jackpots. Check out one of our recommended Keno casinos for your chance to strike it rich with online Keno.