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Best pirate pokies games

Ahoy thar! If you’re a landlubber looking for something better than your traditional casino can offer, online pirate themed pokies are for you.

Of all the themes used in both land-based and online casinos, pirates have never lost their appeal. Perhaps it’s the golden treasure that entices people or the carefree life of these crazy characters, but they can certainly bring a bit of luck.

So what makes for good pirate themed pokies games? Each of them has something unique to offer, be it animation, characters, special bonuses, or free spin rounds, so it depends on what excites the adventurer within you.

We’ve compiled a list of the best pirate themed pokie games for those who enjoy their online casino with a bit of an adventurous theme, so take a walk on the plank and try them out for yourself today.

Hop aboard with Ghost Pirates

Although this game is nearing its 4th birthday, it doesn’t make it any less of a crowd favourite. Ghost Pirates bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the most popular Disney pirate films (Pirates of the Caribbean), and this likely has a lot to do with its popularity.

There’s no shortage of pirate paraphernalia to be found in Ghost Pirates, and with 243 possible pay lines, it’s got great potential for player payout. Unfortunately, there aren’t any additional bonus games or features in its treasure chest, but it makes up for this with a 3x multiplier bonus during free spin rounds.

To score a prize you’ll need to line up any of the pirate themed symbols or characters, including Peggy Rotten, Mad Monkey, and One-Eyed Ned. If you score more than 3 of the same symbol from the left, you’ve got yourself a prize.

Ghost Pirates is one of the more popular pirate-themed games and has years of amazing reviews to back it up. It features high-quality graphics, enticing background music, and a solid RTP, so if you’re looking for a classic online pokie game with that buccaneer theme, this is the one for you.

Explore the seas with Pirate Isle

This pirate themed game from IGT is set aboard a pirate ship sailing the high seas. Pirate Isle brings the reels alive with imagery of treasure, cannon balls, parrots and monkeys set on a wooden backdrop to capture the essence of the pirate’s life.

Pirate Isle contains some amazing bonus features for those with an adventurer’s spirit, however, you’ll need to add the bonus bet to each wager to ensure you’re in the running for these and the progressive jackpot.

This online pokie has the potential for unlimited free spins are a nice bonus, and with a multiplier guaranteed for each free spins payout, it can increase your takings by quite a bit.

It features one of the highest RTPs of the pirate themed games and with a stack of features to ignite that swashbuckling, treasure hungry pirate spirit. Pirate Isle is certainly for the serious online pokie gamer who likes a bit of variety with their machine.

Discover your treasure with Loose Cannon

Microgaming is no stranger to creating online pokies that draw in the crowds. Loose Cannon is no exception as one of their only pirate themed games, so they’ve made sure it’s worthy of the pirate status.

Once the free spins are triggered in this game you’ll be treated to fifteen free spins with a significant difference. Loose Cannon will not only pay all wins from left to right, but right to left as well, so you’re essentially doubling your chances of winning.

Since free spins are able to be triggered once you’re in the bonus round you’re capable of getting quite a bit of free play from this game, but there aren’t any multipliers available so the total amount of winnings might not compare to others in this feature.

Pirates, wenches, monkeys, and the ability to uncover treasure; Loose Cannon certainly has all of the elements to make a pirate themed game pop, not to mention the catchy background music.

Be one of Hook’s Heroes today

You’d be mistaken for thinking this is a kid’s game at first glance, with its cartoonish feel and throwback to a childhood classic. Hook’s Heroes has certainly embraced the comical side of swashbuckling as it centres around the infamous Captain Hook of Peter Pan fame.

With an array of pirate scoundrels with unique personalities, this certainly isn’t a dull choice for a pokie game. The game boasts a comparable average payout to other video slots available, so the real attraction to this pirate themed game comes from its graphics and larger than life characters.

The free spin bonus deserves a mention, as it gives players a chance to pick from at least 3 special bonuses before their free games begin. If you draw the short end of the stick and only come up with 2 free spin symbols, never fear, you’ll be gifted with a singular free spin for getting so close. All of your winnings are at least doubled once you’ve activated this feature, with the chance to add on more free spins if you’re lucky.

Hook’s Heroes is fairly similar to many other online pokies on the market, but the engaging characters, high seas theme, and jolly background music make it one of our top picks for best pirate themed games. Reminisce with Captain Hook and get lost in the fun of this pirate themed pokie.

Embrace your inner pirate and play

Pirate pokies are certainly a popular theme amongst gamers. A pirate’s quest for gold certainly speaks volumes to online gamers who get a thrill from chasing their next big jackpot. Why not travel off the edge of the map a little and try one of these pirate games for yourself? There’s sure to be some treasure in it for ya!

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