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Best Ocean Theme Pokies

Ocean PokiesIf you’re looking to escape to the beach without the hassle of leaving your lounge room, why not give one these ocean themed pokies a try? Whether you want to rub shoulders with the mermaids, explore the deep blue sea, or live it up on an island in the sun, there’s the ideal ocean themed game out there for you.

These games offer great variety with their feature games, free spins, bonuses, and jackpots, so you have a world of variety depending on what you look for in a game. With some of the highest jackpots available of all online casino games, these ocean themed pokies will not disappoint.

Surf the waves with Big Break

Take a holiday without ever leaving the comfort of your own lounge room with Big Break, and experience a beachside escape every time you spin the reel. These pokies feature everything you’d expect from an ocean holiday complete with monkeys, lemurs, tropical fruits, surfing, and beaches.

With the Surf’s Up Bonus Game you get the chance to ride the waves and score some bonus cash just by lining up the surfing monkeys on the reels and picking a character. If free games are more your style, these can be won with at least 3 Munky Wax symbols paying from left to right and come through fairly regularly. This game is packed full of hidden gems and bonuses that make it a thrill to play for real money.

Overall, Big Break offers a fairly standard RTP of just over 95% but has amazing opportunities for free spins and bonus rounds. You can bet as low as 15 cents or up to $75, so there’s a wager there to suit every type of gamer. Kick back and relax with the soothing tropical music and colourful characters of the Big Break pokies and start winning some serious cash today.

Cash in big with Mermaids Millions

It’s no wonder why mermaids are a popular style of ocean themed casino games; these mystical creatures are beautiful, alluring and brightly coloured, just like the pokies they accompany. Mermaids Millions is no exception, with a throwback to the vintage styling of underwater themed colours and graphics featuring mermaids, pearls, sea animals, treasure, and even King Neptune as the Wild symbol.

The background sounds keep to the aquatic theme with underwater noises and there’s plenty of ways to win with these exciting pokies. Free spins will guarantee you triple your wins once activated and can be won multiple times during the feature. Once you’re playing this increases the major jackpot up to a whopping 112,500 credits that can be won at any point during the game.

Activating the Treasure Feature can pay off big when you get three, four, or five of the Treasure symbols. Once you’re in, you choose three of the chests for instant prizes. You can win up to 2,500 credits with this exciting feature game depending on how many treasure chests you scored.

With an impressive 96.5% RTP, this is one of the more lucrative ocean themed pokies to play for real money. It has great jackpots, additional bonus games, and fairly attainable free spins, making it the trifecta for top ocean themed pokies.

Explore the sea with Ocean Princess

Another of the ocean themed pokies featuring the mystical mermaid, Ocean Princess has a little less of the fancy stuff of other games but with astonishing high returns. With the telltale signs of an ocean adventure such as anchors, crabs, shells, and seahorses, you’ll be transported to an underwater adventure every time you spin the reel.

With 3-reels and five paylines it’s one of simpler pokies around that guarantees the most chances of winning. Although there’s no chance for free spins in this game, there is a bonus game available offering a serious treat for those playing for real money.

With over 99% RTP, this is consistently ranked as one of the top pokies for winnings. Although it doesn’t have the flashy symbols, games and music that many of the other machines do, it makes up for it with payouts. If you’re looking for a simple machine that satisfies your gaming needs and promises to pay up big, Ocean Princess is the ocean themed game for you.

Swim among legends in Great Blue

A giant killer whale is the star of the Great Blue game and he’s joined by some other aquatic treats including sharks, starfish, turtles and more. With fun and bubbly steel pan background music and crashing wave sounds that take you straight to the beach, it certainly ties in with the ocean themed pokies.

The free spins feature on Great Blue has the potential for 15x multipliers, one of the highest available with online pokies. You can start the feature by getting three shells anywhere on the screen which then gives you the chance to add more free spins and additional multipliers. While you’re in the feature you have the chance to win to massive jackpot so it can be a little tough to get into, but the payout is certainly worth the wait.

Although it features one of the lowest RTPs of the ocean themed games, Great Blue doesn’t skimp on the different ways that players can win. It has one of the highest jackpots available at over 37 million credits and offers a variety of features including free games, Double Up chances, and wild symbols so there’s the potential for payouts when you play for real money.

The thrill of ocean themed pokies

With so many ocean themed games to choose from, you can pick and choose the type of experience you’re looking for with your pokies. You might be chasing some thrills so an adventurous surfing game will be ideal, or if you’re after the tranquillity that can only come from a calming ocean then something a little more laid back is best.

If you’re looking to play ocean themed pokies for real money this will certainly add an element of fun to your game as you can experience the real life thrill of a casino from the comfort of your home.

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