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How to play megaspin pokies online

megaspin pokies onlineIf you love the thrill of playing pokies online, imagine how much fun you could have playing multiple machines. “Megaspin pokies” let players do just that, with the option to play up to 9 games at once and increase their chances of taking home the jackpots.

If you like to get the most out of your gaming experience with minimal effort, megaspin pokies are the machines for you.

What you need to know about megaspin pokies

Megaspin pokies are great for gamers who are looking for that added thrill when they visit an online casino. With multiple games playing on the screen at once, you won’t know where to look first to confirm your winnings.

Most versions of these games are quite basic in what they offer, and you won’t find any free spins or bonus rounds. The lack of these extras is made up for with the excitement of multiple sets of reels spinning at once, so you won’t even miss them.

These machines are fairly recent additions to the casino world, but they’re already a huge hit with serious gamers. If you’re looking for a reputable casino with megaspin games on offer, the selection is still somewhat limited. However, as the popularity of this game continues to grow so too will its availability.

Rules of Megaspin pokies game

When playing megaspin pokies, you’ll first need to select the number of games you want to play. Most machines come with the option of 4, 6, or 9 games at once, so select your option and watch the games appear on your screen.

You’ll next need to select your bet size, including number of coins and size of coins. This bet will apply to every game, so make sure you consider into your budget that this wager will be multiplied.

Once you’ve settled the amount, you’re ready for the fun. Spin the reels and watch them all light up, you might even be lucky enough to score a prize on every game you’re playing.

How to win online megaspin pokies

As pokies are a game of luck, there’s no hard and fast rules for guaranteeing a win. However, for a bigger chance of winning megaspin pokies you should be betting at the maximum level.

By playing as many games as possible, with the maximum paylines activated, and maximum amount of coins, you’re in with the best possible chance for a big payout.

If you’re not confident in your multitasking skills, you might like to stick to a 2 game machine until you build up your concentration to play one of the 9 game megaspins. Even the 2 game versions offer enough excitement to keep you entertained for hours, though, and with double the chance of winning compared to regular pokies.

Megaspin games such as Break Da Bank Again and Major Millions are known for having a lower than average RTP% compared to single game machines, so keep this in mind if you’re playing with limited cash.

How to play megaspin pokies online

Megaspin pokies can be tricky to find, but a reputable casino should have access to at least a few of these machines. Slots Million has over 1,000 different titles available at their pokies-only casino, including a range of megaspin games.

Their current range of megaspin pokies include the popular Break Da Bank Again, and when you sign up to their casino today, you’re rewarded with 2x your initial deposit. That’s a lot of free cash to play with, and a huge boost to your chances of winning a megaspin jackpot.

For other great casinos with a selection of megaspin pokies and other great incentives, check out these sites:

All casinos recommended by Real Money Pokies have been thoroughly vetted to ensure the safest and most secure casino experience for players. Each site offers the highest quality security measures, including a minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption to keep your details private.

What can happen during a game of megaspin pokies?

If you enjoy the thrill of a progressive jackpot, imagine that thrill multiplied on a megaspin pokies. The popular Major Millions megaspin machines all feed into one jackpot which grows at an insane amount every second.

Getting a chance at winning the multimillion dollar jackpot doesn’t come easy, though. You’ll need to bet on all paylines of each machine, which can add up to quite a bit per spin. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones this is just a small investment to become an instant millionaire.

These machines don’t have a lot of bells and whistles other than the ability to play multiple games at once, and the graphics and gameplay are quite basic. This makes them the perfect choice for serious gamers who want to focus on taking home the jackpot.

How do I play megaspin pokies for real money?

If you’re ready to outlay the money to try these thrilling games, head to any one of our recommended casinos for a great selection of megaspin pokies. Be sure to take advantage of the current sign up bonuses and other promotions available while you’re there.

These machines can be very lucrative if you’re lucky, and watching the magic on each screen is enough entertainment on its own. Playing megaspin pokies for real money gives gamers multiple times the thrill of a standard machine and multiple times the win.

Final words

If you’ve experienced as much as you can with standard online pokies, why not step it up a notch and give these machines a try? Megaspin pokies add a fast-paced and suspenseful element to your online casino experience and give you multiple extra chances to win with every spin.

Head to any one of the reputable casinos recommended by Real Money Pokies to try out the megaspin games for yourself, and you could be taking home up to nine times the cash.