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How to Play Pokies on Mac / Apple

Historically, Apple’s Macintosh series of computers and their popular line of handheld gadgets have not been good tools for playing poker machines or any other casino game. One reason for this is Apple’s traditional policy against real-money gambling titles available for download from the company’s App Store. These policies have changed a bit in the past year – Apple now allows some cash gambling applications – Internet betting is still more difficult for Mac/Apple owners to access than for those that use other computers.

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A Macbook Pro

A Macbook Pro

Apple computers suffer from other software problems. In the world of traditional computer gaming, it’s well-known that gamers running Macintosh machines have a smaller pool of games to choose from. Apple has always had a smaller share of the computer market, so the company makes fewer games (and fewer pieces of software overall) for Macs than their competition. This leads to what’s known in the retail industry as a “shelf-space problem.” The smaller market for Mac/Apple software means retail store shelves are stocked with fewer titles.

A final hurdle for some Apple fans who want to play machine games online is the fact that Apple’s most popular product, the iPhone, is not equipped to run applications designed in Java or Flash. For years, that meant even online gaming sites offering play without a software download were not accessible on the iPhone. Online casinos started building games primarily on those platforms so that their customers didn’t need to download a piece of software to their hard drive to place bets. Macintosh notebooks and desktop computers were Java and Flash-capable, but not so for their emerging flagship device, the iPhone.

Learning how to play pokies on Mac/Apple products is easier now than in years past thanks to two major factors – changes in Apple’s policy toward gambling apps and changes in how online poker machine games are designed.

Finding Online Pokies Compatible with Macintosh Computers

Online gaming without a download, sometimes called Instant Play, is now standard fare. The easiest way for a Macintosh computer owner to play poker machines on the Internet is to find a betting website that doesn’t require a download, open an account, and begin playing. Users of Macbooks, iMacs, G4 computers, and other Apple gadgets (besides the iPhone) won’t have trouble playing their favourite pokies games because those devices can display titles designed across a variety of Web animation platforms.

Many gaming sites offer a download suite and an Instant Play option. In this case, Macbook owners can simply select the download-free option (usually a large button on the casino’s opening page) to be taken to the section of the casino where Mac-compatible games are found. After a short registration process (and no financial transaction) players can test drive the site’s games. If a player likes the titles available and wants to make a deposit and place real-money bets, they can then choose to do so.

iPhone Internet Poker Machine Compatibility

Apple, Inc. has sold more than 500 million iPhones since the debut of the device in 2007. In contrast, the company reports sales of around 60 million Macbooks in the same period of time. That means there are eight times as many iPhones as Macintosh computers in use. Since the iPhone isn’t compatible with Flash or Java pokies, only a fraction of Mac products can be used to play traditional Instant Play poker machines.

iPhone owners who want access to online games that allow them to place real wagers aren’t totally out of luck; they’re just at a disadvantage. Apple’s policy toward betting apps is very strict; gamers in most markets still aren’t allowed to download applications that let them place actual bets. As stated in section 20.5 of the company’s Review Guidelines:

“Apps that offer real money gaming (e.g. sports betting, poker, casino games, horse racing) must have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the App is used, must be restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store.” See this link.

In plain English, this means games on the App Store that offer real money wagering must be properly licensed to provide games of chance in the part of the world where they’re released, are required to be free to download from Apple, and must not be made available in parts of the world where online betting is illegal.

Pokies players using their iPhone to make cash wagers on gambling apps are now free to do so, provided those apps fit Apple’s very specific requirements. If wagering online is legal where a customer lives, and if a company releases an app in that part of the world that meets App Store standards, the customer is free to play poker machines online for real money through a simple download. The alternative is also true – if anti-gambling laws exist in a part of the world where an iPhone fanatic wants to bet pokies games for real money, they won’t have the same option.

Pros and Cons of Mac/Apple Poker Machine Gambling

The biggest benefits of betting on your iPhone are portability and simplicity. Pokies games built for mobile platforms offer the same action a player would find sitting in front of a machine in a real casino, but presented for their handheld Apple gadget.

There are a few downsides to choosing this form of online wagering. One difference customers will notice between Macbook/iPhone play and other versions of Internet betting is the smaller variety and lower quality of the games. Download casinos, those that require software be added to a computer’s hard drive, are able to offer more games, better graphics, and other features that aren’t easy to replicate on a mobile or Instant Play platform. Hundreds of game titles are often found at fully-featured Internet betting venues. Download-free casinos may have one or two dozen different poker machines to play.

Another difference between iPhone/mobile play and gaming on a laptop is the player interface. Mobile games use simpler designs to fit the game on the smaller screen of a smartphone and to remain compatible with the device’s operating system, which is less-robust compared to a standard laptop or desktop computer.

Figuring out how to play online betting titles for Mac/Apple products is easier now than it has been in years past thanks to changes in company policy, new technology in the gaming industry, and an increase in the production of betting software for these devices.

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