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Online Pokies Loyalty Programs

If there’s one piece of advice you’ll see repeated ad nauseam on sites about pokies, it’s this:

Always join the player’s club.

But what if you’re new to the world of gambling? How do these players’ clubs work? Is it really worth it?

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How Do Loyalty Programs Work?

loyalty-programsAlmost all casinos, online or off, offer loyalty programs. These work by offering a rebate of some type for the amount of play you engage in at  the machines. This is a tiny percentage, but over time, it adds up.

Here’s an example. In a real casino, you’d insert a player’s card into the reader of the game you’re playing so that your play can be tracked. At an online casino, this card isn’t necessary, for obvious reasons.

One simple loyalty program I’ve seen on the Internet works this way. Every 100 loyalty points you earn equates to a dollar. The points are awarded based on a percentage of each wager you make. For example, you might receive loyalty points at a rate that equates to 0.1% of your play.

Here’s how you would calculate your play for such purposes. You multiple the number of wagers you’ve made by the amount of each wager, then you multiply that by 0.1%. For example, suppose you’re an average pokies player who wagers a dollar per spin. You probably make 600 spins per hour. That’s $600 per hour. 0.1% of that is $0.60 per hour. In the rewards program that we’re talking about, that would equate to 60 loyalty points per hour.

Most online casinos have a section in the cashier where you can look at your loyalty program balance. Most of the time, you’ll have some kind of arbitrary limit to how many points or credits you need before you can withdraw this money. For example, you might need 1000 VIP points in order to make a cashout. That equates to $10.

At most online casinos, players just transfer that money into their playing account so that they can get more action each month. If you’re a player who plays 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, then you’re getting rebates of $5.40 per week. That doesn’t sound like much, but there’s no downside to taking advantage of it. Over the course of a year, this adds up.

Does Participating in the Loyalty Program Affect My Chances of Winning?

Conspiracy-minded gamblers might worry that participating in the loyalty program might adversely affect their chances of winning. The rationale behind such thinking is easy enough to understand, and to an extent, it’s true. The casinos have to make up for this money somewhere, so they might lower the payback percentage of their games by 0.1% to compensate for it.

What casinos are unable to do is reduce the payback percentage for just the loyalty programs members while offering a higher payback percentage to non-members. They have to lower the payback percentage across the board. Of course, a 0.1% difference in payout percentage isn’t even noticeable.

It wouldn’t make sense to punish players for taking advantage of a loyalty program. The whole point of a loyalty program is to encourage players to play at your casino more often. That’s why it’s a “rewards” program. Why would a casino want to punish its most loyal customers?

Which Online Casinos Offer the Best Loyalty Programs?

I like Spin Palace Casino for a variety of reasons. I love their Microgaming software, and I also love the pokies-specific theme of the casino. But I’m also fond of their loyalty club. Spin Palace calls their loyalty points “club points”.

At Spin Palace, you earn 1 club point for every $10 you wager. You can redeem those points any time you have 1000 points or more. You get $10 for every 1000 points you redeem. This $10 is redeemed as credits in the casino.

One of the things I like about the Spin Palace bonus plan is that you get 500 points instantly just for signing up for the program. You don’t even have to make a single wager–you just get those points right off the top.

You also get bonus points based on the amount of action that you bring to the casino. It’s a tiered system based on your monthly club point earnings. The top tier is for players who generate 500,000 club points per month. These players get a bonus of 60% of their points, so they get at least 300,000 extra points per month. The tier just below that is for players who generate 200,000 club points per month. They get a bonus of 50%, which amounts to at least 100,000 extra bonus points per month. The tiers continue below that, but the minimum amount needed to get bonus loyalty points each month is 2500 points per month, which results in a 10% bonus award.

No matter which tier you fall into, you’re eligible for free exclusive tournaments that players who aren’t members don’t get to participate in. Players in the higher tiers also get a VIP manager and are awarded travel benefits to enable them to meet their VIP manager in person. At the highest tier, players even receive customized gifts for themselves and their families, and they also get tickets to major worldwide sporting events.

The Mummy’s Gold Casino offers an identical rewards program to Spin Palace Casino. So do Cabaret Club and Ruby Fortune. Any of these casinos are excellent choices for players interested in the pokies loyalty programs.


The smartest thing that any pokies player can do is join the loyalty program at their preferred casino. Joining and participating in the rewards program does not reduce your chances of winning at all, and the rebates enable your bankroll to last longer and give you more chances to win. If you bring enough action to the casino, you can increase the amount of rebates you get back from the casino. You can even earn other perks, like tickets to sporting events, travel comps, and customized gifts for you and your family. One of the best loyalty programs on the Internet is the one offered by Spin Palace Casino, but multiple casinos (including Cabaret Club, Mummys Gold, and Ruby Fortune) offer an identical program.

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