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What Are The Best Low Stakes Pokies Online?

best low stakes pokies onlineNot everyone who plays pokies has to be betting at the highest amounts to enjoy the thrill of the game, with many players opting for the slow and steady approach. With some great low stakes pokies available you’re able to stretch your dollar a little further while still enjoying all the best bits of playing for real money.

Low stakes pokies don’t always mean low payouts either, as there are plenty of machines available that offer huge jackpots with just a minimal bet. If you’re not chasing the big winnings, though, you might be more interested in the bonus games and free spins that make online pokies so popular.

Tomb Raider – Secret of the Sword

At just 5c per spin for the minimum bet, Tomb Raider can allow you to play a thrilling adventure game for hours on just a small budget. This game was modelled after the popular video game featuring kick butt Lara Croft around the world as she collects ancient artefacts, and is the sequel to the original pokie released in 2004.

If you’re looking for bonus games and free spins to keep you entertained with your low stakes pokies, this will not disappoint. You can win free spins from lining up the correct symbols or get the randomly triggered free spin feature and score up to 5x multipliers. The Global Adventure Bonus is a great interactive game that has you shooting out for prizes and seeking hidden treasures.

The graphics are a little old fashioned in this one, but the games are interactive and there’s a real chance to win with low stakes. For someone looking to stretch their cash, there’s plenty of opportunities for additional wins.


Undeniably aimed at the low stakes players, Cashapillar doesn’t give many options for high rollers. That’s good news for those of you who like to play it safe, though, as Cashapillar doesn’t disappoint in providing one of the most fun and unique pokies experiences around for a minimal spend.

Cashapillar centres on an insect theme with bright and friendly graphics and snappy theme music. It’s a traditional 5-reel game with 100 paylines and able to be enjoyed for just 1c a spin. This will certainly help to add hours to your gaming experience if you want to take it slow.

Free spins are awarded in lots of 15 with a great 3x multiplier guaranteed for every spin. If you’re lucky enough to get the Cashapillar symbol this increases to 6x and can help you build your bank further. The bonus games will keep you happy, especially if you manage to win the jackpot which pays out at a whopping 6 million coins. Considering this is all possible with just a 1c bet, there’s no reason not to give it a try today.

Big Bad Wolf

This game centres on the famous fairy tale of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf and is packed full of features to keep any low stakes player entertained. Wild symbols, free spins, swooping reels, and the Blowing Down the House feature are just a few surprises that these pokies have in store.

The starting bet for this machine is just 1c, so even those with the smallest budgets can still enjoy the game. The swooping reels feature on this machine means that after a win, the winning blocks will remain and new ones will replace the unlucky ones. This gives you an extra chance to win some cash all from a single bet.

Big Bad Wolf has an impressive RTP of 97.5% meaning your bank will be stretched even further if playing these pokies for real money. If you want to take it easy with your bets then these odds can give you peace of mind that you’ll see a return on some of your money.  The maximum jackpot is fairly low at $1,500, but for such a unique and entertaining gameplay you won’t be too concerned with striking it rich.

What to look for to find the best low stakes pokies

If you’re feeling a little lost with the huge variety of games out there, here are a few things to consider when you’re searching for a low stakes machine:

  • Good visuals and graphics

Since you’re not playing with risky bets, you might need a little extra something to entertain. Look for modern machines with good graphics and in game videos that keep you glued to the screen.

  • Interactive play

Some games offer the chance for interactive games that allow you to search for hidden treasures, open locked doors, or select characters at random for extra chances to win.

  • Free spins and bonus games

Everyone loves a bonus game, and this is often your chance to win big when playing pokies for real money. Free spins can keep you gaming for ages without ever touching your own bank, so look out for healthy multipliers and the ability to win more spins while you’re in the feature.

  • Jackpots

The main goal of all gamers, high or low, is the jackpot. Some machines give the chance to win upwards of $1million jackpots even with a 1c bet, so if this if what you’re after then choose accordingly.

The bottom line about low stakes pokies online

If your idea of a good time is spending a few hours leisurely playing the afternoon away, low stakes pokies will be the pick for you. You can play it safe with your bets and stretch your cash out further for a less intense gaming experience with the added bonus of still being eligible for the huge prizes.

To get more bang for your buck why not consider signing up to a new online casino to see what deposit bonuses they have to offer? You can add to your bank without even playing a machine and expand your playing time by hours.