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What are the best online pokies for fun?

If you’re searching for an entertaining pokies game that’s a little more than just spin and win, we’ve compiled some of the best around.

Pokies are a great way to earn some fast cash, but if you want a little more excitement in your game there’s a range of options online that can satisfy that thirst. Thrilling story lines, action packed bonus rounds, and engaging characters are just some of the thrills you’ll encounter in these fun pokies games.

Experience the shady underworld in Downtown

downtown pokies game at emu casinoModeled after the dark and broody film noir classic Sin City, Downtown is a video pokies game that can transport you right to the middle of a thrilling crime saga.

With an exciting storyline and a gang of dark, ambient characters, this pokies game is certainly more than just a gambling experience. You’ll meet the ruthless killers and criminals who reside in Downtown, with particular mention going to the girl in the cowboy hat who can offer a payout of up to 750 coins.

Get 3 or more cells anywhere on the board to head to the shootout round, where you can grab a bunch of bonus wins and free games. The shooting range is relatively easy to hit your marks, and the potential for bonuses is there.

Each spin takes you on a new part of the adventure and will warn you about the shady happenings of characters in the area, so there’s no lack of suspense with this pokies game.

Downtown at EmuCasino is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the action and dirty deeds of this city, and it’s certainly one of the top picks for most fun pokies game. With bets as low as $0.01 and as high as $62.50, there’s a wager there to cover every type of gamer.

Find the city of gold with Gonzo’s Quest

gonzos quest pokiesGonzo’s Quest is an interactive adventure game that takes you on a mission to find El Dorado, the lost city of gold. Set in the Aztec jungle with an undeniable explorer feel to it, the reels fall as blocks rather than traditional spins which add even more to its sense of adventure.

The game has a high rate of return compared to other pokies games, so it’s one of the most popular choices if you’re in it to win. The exciting imagery and storyline give it that added thrill that can keep you playing for hours on end, even if you’re just testing the waters in free play mode.

While the free spins aren’t that easy to achieve, once you’ve hit them you’ll be laughing. The multiplier starts at 3x and goes up to 15x, so this is where your winnings can be exasperated. The possibility for wins on the standard reel is high, but the payout isn’t that great, so this game provides a fair balance on both.

Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt features amazing 3D animation that will entertain for hours on end and original extras such as the Avalanche or Free Fall features. This game stands out as fun and unique with a bit of variety from the more popular online pokies games.

Get a rise with The Dark Knight

the dark knight rises pokieThe Dark Knight online slots by Microgaming allows players to immerse themselves in the seedy underworld of Gotham City. The music alone on this game is enough to entice anyone to play as it takes you back to the thrilling adventure that was this famous Batman film.

The jackpot features let you side with good or evil as you choose either Batman or the Joker to win your bonus. Although you can chew through your money fairly quickly on regular spins, if you are able to score a bonus or free spins then this will up your balance fast.

Cinematic spins give players the option to view stunning cinematic movie clips during their game, to help break up the sometimes repetitive spinning that can be common in online pokies. The Dark Knight pokies game is full of suspense, and the background music alone will make you feel as though you’re fighting crime alongside Gotham’s finest.

Live it up with Playboy

playboy online pokie gameThe Playboy slots game by Microgaming is one of the more popular video pokies games at the moment, and it’s no wonder why. Who hasn’t dreamt of walking the halls of the Playboy mansion or spending a day in the life of Hugh Hefner?

This game has a thrilling, almost Bond-esque feel to it, and with an array of girls, motorbikes, and vintage cars on each spin it’s certainly a treat for the eyes. Many would be mistaken in thinking this game is just for men, but read any of the positive reviews online and you’ll see how much women enjoy it too.

Part of Microgaming’s amazing 243 ways to win technology, this machine can feel a bit similar to some of their others. What helps Playboy stand out from the pack, though, is the visual scenery and effortless style you feel when you’re gaming with this machine.

Once you’ve activated free spins on this game, the running wilds feature will add extra wilds to your reels after each free spin. This can leave players with up to 15 wilds per reel, so the potential to win big is certainly there.

Finding the most fun pokies games

Whether you’re after a jungle adventure, cinematic experience, or perhaps something visually stimulating, there’s a pokies game out there for you. The most fun pokies games don’t even have to feature all the extra bells and whistles listed here, they might just have the best jackpots to lure you in.

Pokies games can be a lot more than just spin and win, and there a multitude of exciting games online for Australian gamers. With many bettors looking for a little more entertainment in their online gaming than just a quick fix, we’re hopeful to see more of these games added to the most fun pokies games list.