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How to Play Pokies on Android Mobiles

Less than a decade ago one of the world’s most popular smartphone operating systems was just a concept, a vague idea in the mind of software designer Andy Rubin. When Google acquired Rubin’s fledgling business (Android, Inc.) it was seen as an attempt on Google’s behalf to enter the cell phone / handheld gadget market. Then came Apple’s 2007 iPhone release, its immediate success, and its easily-anticipated rise to dominance in the industry.

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The drive to create a competitor for Steve Jobs’ smartphone coup came from group of communications companies (including Google’s own Andy Rubin) in the months after the iPhone’s appearance in the American market. Out of secretive conferences between engineers and telecom companies (known as the Open Handset Alliance) came the basic idea for Rubin’s Android OS. That operating system premiered in 2008 with the release of T-Mobile’s G1. Since that release, Android’s market share has been on a growing trend, the system has been used to power a variety of gadgets (including a break into the tablet market), and more users worldwide are running their software than Apple’s iOS.

Benefits of Playing Pokies on Android Gadgets

Android Devices

Android Devices

Since this operating system is available for so many different brands and styles of smartphones and tablets, they have the largest user base. Any time a customer uses the most popular tech gadget or software platform, they gain access to a larger pool of products than users of less-popular devices.

Unlike Android, iOS runs exclusively on iPhones and iPads, so fewer developers are working on products for a smaller number of end-users. In layman’s terms, the biggest benefit of playing poker machines with an Android phone or tablet is you have access to more titles, more applications, and more sites offering bets.

Another benefit to using your Samsung or Nokia gadget to play poker machines – pokies tend to have simplified player interfaces compared to other games. On a touchscreen tablet or smartphone, a pokie game is really just a miniature version of what’s found in pubs and nightclubs.

A final plus for bettors who want to place real bets on Internet machine games, Android OS does not restrict the use of applications or websites that offer cash wagers like the iPhone’s App Store policies do. A very small number of iPhone owners can download and register for play – but only customers in regions where online gaming is expressly legal, and only then if a company believes there’s enough interest to release an app. Few exist as of this writing.

Gamblers looking for real cash pokie play who use Android OS-powered mobiles can choose either instant versions of games available through mobile casino sites or downloadable casino software, unlike the vast majority of people with Apple mobiles in their pockets.

Thanks to the above positive features, users of devices powered by this operating system can play pokies on these mobiles with ease.

  1. Potential customers should register for and test drive Android-capable gaming sites and applications until they find one they like. This process is totally free, so potential mobile bettors should shop around as much as they want.
  2. Smartphone bettors who choose a download application rather than an instant play site will first have to install the app. Since basic customer registration was completed at the time of the test drive, all that new customers need to do is decide whether to make a funds transfer to begin betting with real money or continue to play for free.
  3. The process of making a deposit is different for each site or application, but customers should expect to give the site details about their credit card or other source of funds and wait for the pokies provider to verify the details. They should then have full access to their real-money betting account.

Downsides of Gaming on Mobile Phones

One downside shared by Android’s customers and the few iPhone bettors who have access to real cash bets is that mobile casino sites and download games aren’t yet as nice too look at or easy to use as traditional desktop gambling venues.

For starters, poker machine fans will see right off that Android-capable apps and websites don’t have nearly the same variety of poker machines you’d find in other venues, at least in terms of sheer numbers. The reason for this is at least two-fold. For starters, mobile gambling is the newest segment of the gaming industry. Technologically-speaking, we are in the infancy of using mobiles as gaming devices. As designers get better at producing what mobile phone bettors want, variety (and other factors important to customers) will improve.

A need for better (faster and more powerful) gadgets is the other major factor that makes mobile wagering less appealing for some punters. Though many Android-enabled devices have larger screens than other devices in the market, the screens are still tiny compared to a laptop, desktop, or real-world poker machine game. Between the reduced size and the lower resolution of mobile screens compared to other gadgets, developers have a difficult time creating pokies to please audiences used to the products already existing in other more-developed areas of the gaming industry.

The Future of Android’s Mobile Gambling Market

High-tech mobiles have taken over the tech world in the past few years, with their market share expected to rise. Billions of gadgets that run on Apple’s iOS or on an Android-designed platform are in use for everything from communications to banking, entertainment to social interaction. The most important thing about that fact for pokies players who own mobiles of any variety is that online gaming companies are working harder than ever to capture a larger share of the smartphone market. Since Android is (for now) the most popular mobile OS in the world, bettors that use phones powered by this operating system should expect more and better games available to play on ever-improving platforms.

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